Saturday, August 22, 2009

Update and Survey

We can't believe it's been two whole weeks since Lily Jane joined our family. As our neighbor put it so well, it's hard to remember life without her now that she's here. Things are going pretty well for the most part. She gets a bit fussy at times, but what newborn doesn't? We as parents are learning to function on 5-6 hours of sleep, which is just fine.

Here's the survey:
Take a look that the picture below and see who you think she looks most like. Thanks for looking.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lily Jane Salmond

Yesterday we were blessed with the safe arrival of a sweet baby girl. It was an amazing experience to see this beautiful, perfect little girl enter this world and to feel her sweet spirit. Jen was amazingly strong during the labor and delivery. The doctors and nurses were wonderful too. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. Jen went into active labor at 7:15 and one hour later Lily was here, safe and sound. Jen's parents were nice enough to keep us company the entire day and made it all the way through the delivery. It was really nice to see family members and thank them for their kindness and thoughtfulness as we have awaited her arrival. The Lord has blessed us so much during this pregnancy and delivery and we thank Him for the opportunity to care for one of his sweet spirit daughters.

Here are a few photos we took during the day yesterday. Hope you like them!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Just wanted to post a quick update. This is the big week! We finished the baby's room this weekend thanks to the master painter skills of Jason. Thanks to all those who helped and lent tools to do that project. We can now safely say that it is the nicest room in the house. :)

If Jen hasn't gone into labor on her own by Friday we will go to the Doc and he will set up a time for an induction on Saturday morning. Thanks for all the support and prayers. We love you all!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Now that was cool!

So we went in for the targeted or 3D ultrasound today. Joe about fell out of his chair when the profile of the baby showed on screen then all the sudden there was a 3D view of the baby's face. Joe thinks she has Jen's mouth and Jen thinks she has Joe's nose. Either way she's cute as a button.

Joe whipped up this very simple video with all the best stuff from the DVD and a dang good song. Hope you all like it!

Monday, February 9, 2009


Jen got a new job! She landed a sweet gig at the University of Utah hospital working for ARUP. She'll be working in the STAT lab (yes STAT like "This is urgent!"). We are very excited for her. It's going to be interesting as we get used to her new 7 on, 7 off schedule, but we're still excited.

In other news, we had our second appointment with Dr. Beier and it looks like we are expecting a little girl in August. Holy smokes! Joe is not quite sure what he'll do yet, but he's thrilled. Not going to spoil the surprise of the name quite yet. That is still a very fluid concept right now. 

Thanks for stopping by! Now you're up-to-date.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Amazing Peanut

Hello everyone! I know it takes us a long time to post on the blog but when we do you know it's something good. So here it goes: Jen and Joe are proud to announce that they are expecting a baby in early August. That's right, we had our first doctor's appointment this last week and had the ultrasound where we got a nice shot of the one inch long fetus and heard the heartbeat and everything. That was such an amazing experience to see and hear the beating heart and see the baby developing. What a fantastic adventure this will be! So here's a picture of "The Amazing Peanut" for all to enjoy. More news later. I promise.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cookie, Legacy and the broken beeper…

So we finally did it, we got a dog. We went to the Super Adoption at Petsmart in Salt Lake and wandered around a bit and found a really nice one year old dog named Sasha. We took her for a walk around the parking lot (or maybe she took us for a walk) and we were sold. She didn't bark at a single dog except for one really mean one.

Jen did all the paperwork and I walked the dog around for a bit. We got all the fees paid and took a really fun trip through the store to get her a leash, food and all that fun stuff. We jumped in the car and took a trip to I-215 and took the brand new Legacy Parkway. What a nice road to drive. On a side not, it seems to have really made a difference on the commute at the end of the day.

We got her home and gave her a bath, took her outside to shake off and started to make our way back inside. Trouble was, she didn't want to go in through the side door and when I tried to pull her in she slipped out of her collar and ran like the wind. She ran across 36th St. and barely missed getting hit by a car but she kept running. She went from one neighbors house to another. Jen and I were chasing her for about 10 minutes. Jen asked for the keys to my car because she was running barefoot. I threw my keys but it was too dark and I overshot her and ended up totally obliterating my beeper. All the buttons were popped out. I didn't find all the pieces till Sunday afternoon.

We are very excited to have a dog, yes Joe too is excited. She is a good dog and so far we have not had any problems. She is a golden lab/boxer mix and it runs out that that seems to be a playful mix. She loves frisbee, can run a long time and can't help but follow you around whenever you're home.

Here's a short video showing her massive appetite. She pounded another bowl just before she was given the one in the video. Enjoy...